NAP Architecture

Deepak Jain deepak at
Wed Oct 29 19:15:10 UTC 1997

> I'm confused.  PAIX charges a similar amount ($1000/mo) for dry copper
> between two consenting parties at PAIX.  Again, for $27 worth of wire,
> and $300 worth of labour?  This is reasonable?
> IMHO, $50/month is reasonable for copper cross-connects, with a $300
> installation charge.  Even $100 per month.  But $1000.

I think if the price were negligible (say <$250/month per) then there 
would be a considerably strong economic incentive to not connect to the 
switch fabric at all. Smaller peers could connect to a switch/hub that 
connected by (say FE) into the same port, larger peers/customers can 
connect through dedicated ports resulting in a lower overall charge per 
megabit thruput. 

(20 FE connections * 30Mbit/s sustained each = 600Mbit/s for $5000/month)


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