IP spoofing and spamming

Jon Lewis jlewis at inorganic5.fdt.net
Wed Oct 29 03:57:30 UTC 1997

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

> to the customer but the spamming continued.  Turns out the user defaults out
> to me no matter what, so his address was a.b.c.e when coming out of me.  For
> me that is a spoofed address.  I then go to block his spoofed address.  User
> then says, it is a valid address and I have no business blocking his IP
> addresses, whether he has them from me or ISP X.  I then say I'll block SMTP

Tell him you do ingress filtering on all your leased lines "for security
reasons" to prevent IP spoofing, smurf, etc.  Since it's done "for
security reasons" tell him an exception is out of the question.  Also, as
him where it is written that you must accept unwanted IP traffic?  The
internet is a collection of interconnected autonomous networks, most of
which are under no obligation to accept packets from anyone. 

> complaining to you that I am spamming".  Since his dns is located elsewhere
> and since the IP addresses are not mine, the users aren't complaining to me
> What do we do in these cases?

Show him your AUP, which was hopefully included as part of the contract
with him.  Hopefully, it has something like:

3.7 The account holder agrees to not, under any circumstances, post
messages to newsgroups, mailing lists, or similar public forums if any of
said forums pertain to subjects not directly related to the main topic of
the posting or if the posting would be considered inappropriate for any
other reason. This applies to both business and non-business oriented
postings. Such postings will be considered abuse of FDT systems services. 
(See 7.0) 

3.7a The account holder agrees to not, under any circumstances, send
unsolicited mass emailings from any Internet account (at FDT or
elsewhere), nor to use FDT services for the collection or distribution of
address lists to be used for such purposes. The account holder agrees to
not, under any circumstances, associate FDT with any such mass mailings. 

7.5 FDT accounts which are locked or terminated as a result of violations
of this agreement or any applicable laws will not be eligible for any
monetary refund, and may be subject to additional administrative charges.

This is part of FDT's AUP (www.fdt.net/AUP) which I lifted from another
ISP long ago and have modified a lot.  It was not written by an attorney
and could probably use better legalease, but it at least gets the point
across so customers can't act totally shocked when I delete their account
for spamming.  I actually do have a lawyer edited version, which I've not
gotten around to adopting yet.

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