IP spoofing and spamming

Hank Nussbacher hank at ibm.net.il
Wed Oct 29 01:42:15 UTC 1997

At 07:34 PM 10/28/97 -0600, Karl Denninger wrote:

>The Internet works because people don't abuse other's resources.  If people
>abuse my resources, I stop allowing the abuse.  If they threaten to sue, I
>laugh and tell them to go right ahead.  We write our contracts so that we 
>can shut off people who spam, even on the first offense.  

I would be interested in seeing a copy of that contract.  When suits
(lawyers) get involved, how do you show that a violation has happened?
Remember, no complaint has come to you and you would have had to sniff his
line and open his smtp pkts to see he was spamming which would invoke a


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