Spam Control Considered Harmful

Barry Shein bzs at
Wed Oct 29 00:53:45 UTC 1997

The whole discussion is cuckoo.

Here's a better idea: If someone wants to advertise why don't they
figure out a way to do business so everyone is reasonably happy,
rather than starting wars and trying to appeal to some crazy
interpretation of "rights" made to absolutely no one (letters to the
editor, only there is no editor, as Larry Wall once put it)?

This isn't assisted suicide or abortion or some similar emotional,
moralistic issue.

It's spam, it's advertising, it's business (or some bizarre perversion

If it doesn't make those who have to pay for its resources a buck (or
some equivalent tangible benefit) THEN TO HELL WITH IT.

All these crazy schemes proposing to make spam somehow more "fair" are
just that: CRAZY.

Pay money and people will be happy.

Steal resources, annoy people to no possible benefit to them, bombard
them 24 hrs/day with come-ons for porn and transparently fraudulent
business claims and pyramid schemes and chain letters etc and they
won't be happy.

It's not that hard to understand: Pissing people off is not a great
way to do business. In fact, it doesn't work.

Anything else is nothing but a pretty good simulation of severe mental
illness, very simple really.

        -Barry Shein

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