Spam Control Considered Harmful

David Bowie dbowie at
Tue Oct 28 21:05:24 UTC 1997

Phil Lawlor wrote:
> I am not a sendmail expert, but I am told that it is in the forgery area
> that it could be improved.  Forgery and relay hijacking seem to be the
> largest areas of abuse.  If these areas could be improved, it could go a
> long way to solving the problem.

I tend to agree with Phil - to a point.  Nip it in the bud.  Everyone could
use some strengthening in their AUP and it is up to each ISP to come down
hard on those who abuse the net.  

Ease of use, and the free flow of information must be maintained.  Fraud,
unrepentant misuse, and theft-of-services should result in loss of access.
Zero-tolerance, and/or a charge structure (fines?) can be levied by ISPs to
combat the scourge.
David J. Bowie
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