Spam Control Considered Harmful

Alex Bligh amb at
Tue Oct 28 16:27:21 UTC 1997

> The Moral Majority and The Promise Keepers and other fundamentalist groups
> sit on white horses waiting to ride in and save us from ourselves.  What is
> being said below needs to be considered.  Firstly, Paul mentioned the need
> to have strong checks and balances.  What does that mean and how do we keep
> him honest and ensure "we are using our powers for good"?

Easy. If you don't like the RBL, stop taking the feed. You can
take someone else instead, or indeed construct your own. Now that
Paul has announced his DNS based RBL you don't get into the problem
where you end up with RBL functionality just because your upstream
takes it.

Alex Bligh
GX Networks (formerly Xara Networks)

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