mbone and realvideo

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at ollie.clive.ia.us
Sat Oct 25 21:17:11 UTC 1997

brett watson wrote:
>   we're furiously working to get mbone stuff... in the mean time,
> we'll still tape and dump to realvideo.  several folks have complained
> that the player only runs on windows, not true:
> freebsd (both dynamic and static link)
> mac os
> os/2
> win95/nt
> solaris (2.4 and 2.5 sparc)
> sunos 4.1.x
> irix 5.3/6.2/6.3

RealVideo is not avalable for Irix 5.3 - not that that's a big problem
for me, as I also have access to a NT system that has RealVideo but it
might pose a problem for others.

> ps.  i'm still open for other formats to dump to.  real-stuff seems
> most accessible to everyone.

Maybe the Interactive Multimedia Jukebox folks
(<http://imj.gatech.edu/>) would be willing to load up the NANOG tapes
on their system.


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