Alan Hannan hannan at bythetrees.com
Sat Oct 25 16:50:15 UTC 1997

  It's my opinion first and foremost that you are not a moron.

  Moreover, and keeping with the operational charter of the newsgroup, I 
  would not recommend that folks enable r* commands on their cisco

  When automated access is required, automating access with stored
  passwords can be done quite handily.

  While one must focus on protecting the sanctity of the stored
  passwords, one doesn't have to focus on the security of forged r*
  logins.  Protecting something within a host, rather than a network
  segment, is probably simpler in this case than the converse.


  Most web page access, odd-statistics gathering, and ease-of-use
  tools with which I am familiar use ^expect^ to implement such.


Quoting Alex Rubenstein (alex at nac.net):
> I am a moron; I can't figure it out.
> How do you make a cisco so that you can rsh into it (to use Mr. Kerns
> looking glass)?
> TIA>

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