Operational issue (Mae-west) or Mae-East

Kachun Lee kachun at zippo.com
Thu Oct 23 22:17:06 UTC 1997

In article <62j4ft$qav at news.pathlink.com>, you say...
>Once again, mae-west is experiencing problems between gigaswitch #1
>and gigaswitch #2.  We are seeing consistant, and high, loss between
>MFS has at least one ticket open on this now.
>Dave Rand
>dlr at bungi.com

Does anyone has more status or insight to the MAE-WEST problem? An ET when that 
may be resolved?

Also, the 'upgrade' at MAE-EAST that dropped the Gigaswitch traffic from 1.2G 
to 0.5G/s, is that being viewed as a problem? Or, some type of new compression 

Best regards

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