NAP Architecture

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Thu Oct 23 17:55:47 UTC 1997

> Anyone willing to speak forth and give notes of their experience in
> setting up a NAP.  
> Questions we have in mind are:
> Go with a Digital GIGAswitch/ATM or FDDI?
> Or should we go for a GSR 12000?
> The very high traffic users will be put directly on ports on the
> GIGAswitch or GSR.  The others will be sharing FDDI.
> thanks

	I expect there will be several folks who will be at 
	this NANOG who might be able to answer.  Whether they
	are willing is another matter.  At previous NANOGs
	there have been some discussions on exchange architectures
	and scalability tradeoffs.  You might find some good
	stuff in the archives.


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