Real statistics (was Re: Possible topic?)

Jessica Yu jyy at
Wed Oct 22 19:18:07 UTC 1997

>On Oct 22, Jessica Yu <jyy at> wrote: 
>> There is a non-trivial amount of WAN traffic flowing between ISPs' private 
>> interconnects.  They do not touch NAPs at all.  I wonder if this factor 
>> is taken into consideration when the 1/3 figure was generated.
>        I'd tend to doubt it.  

So you do not think that the estimate include the traffic exchanged at
private interconnections either.  If this is indeed the case (which is
very likely), the figure is not that meaningful.

>Do you know any way to get flow stats from every backbone collected in one 
>place and collated?

	I'd think most of the backbones have stats data of its own private 
	exchange(s) but I do not think it's publicly available.


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