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bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Oct 22 15:02:16 UTC 1997

> I was wondering if someone who knew something about the current status
> of the group(s) that were working on a standard data collection format
> for exchange point statistics, could speak up.  It seems to me that
> operators could still get valuable trend information out of
> published data from exchange points.   However this data would be
> more useful if compared accross multiple exchange point, as there
> are at least 40 in north america alone.  (Although most of those
> are smaller exchange points.)  (Then if we could just get
> providers to publish info on private exchange points...)
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Bill Woodcock and KC were movers/shakers behind that movement.
Randy Bush also contributed some w/ this queries on measurement/mgmt
on the nanog list a couple months back.

Many of the smaller exchanges that I am aware of put up a mgmt station
and collect mrtg data off the attached interfaces of the participants.
A smaller group use rtfm and even less use the NLANR tools (OC3mon
I expect that there is a significant use fo cflowd data by ISPs that 
attach to exchanges, but I don't expect it to be published outside a
need-to-know scope. 


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