Possible topic?

Alan Hannan hannan at bythetrees.com
Wed Oct 22 02:36:49 UTC 1997

  Maybe I misread your note.  Please clarify.

> If I could add a NAP to this list, the Sprint NAP is having
> horrific packet loss and I understand that legal action 
> was necessary to get the invovled parties to resolve the
> situation.
> There is a FDDI Ring at the NAP which was overcrowded.
> It apparently took some legal action to get Sprint
> (or whoever is responsible for the Sprint NAP :) ) 
> to make the necessary upgrades.  What I've heard is that
> 4 GigaSwitches are being installed from MFS and that
> this installation/upgrade ETR is 1-2 months.  

  Are you saying that Sprint obtained 4 GigaSwitches from MFS?


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