Which pipe dream should we be smoking? (was Re: Possible topic?)

J.D. Falk jdfalk at priori.net
Wed Oct 22 02:24:29 UTC 1997

On Oct 21, "Dorian R. Kim" <dorian at blackrose.org> wrote: 

> Then perhaps it might of interest to start a meta discussion about
> problems of scalability of Gigaswitch based exchange points as well as
> possible future direction of such large exchange points?

	AFAIK, there are only two types of exchanges out there today:

		1. Switched Ethernet and/or FDDI
		2. ATM

	We all know switched ethernet doesn't scale by itself,
	which is why we've gone to switched FDDI.

	And, it's quite possible that we're reaching the end of
	scalability for switched FDDI -- unless, of course, some
	amazing new technolgy comes along and fixes everything in
	one swell foop.
	Are the ATM-based NAP's having any problems with scalability
	these days?  How far can they go?

	Personally, I'd also be really curious as to any testing
	that people have done or are doing in terms of other forms
	of NAP fabric.  Will gigabit ethernet save us all?

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