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Steven Schnell schnell at gsd.sprint.com
Wed Oct 22 02:16:19 UTC 1997

At 21:03 10/21/97 -0400, Snowdog wrote:
>Hey all,
>If I could add a NAP to this list, the Sprint NAP is having
>horrific packet loss and I understand that legal action 
>was necessary to get the invovled parties to resolve the
According to my GIGAswitch counters this claim is without basis.  The
Sprint NAP is not suffering any packet loss, let alone "horrific".  What
legal action are you referring to?  Is this action towards the ISPs or the
Sprint NAP?  I know of no legal action against us!

>Here's the information I received from a source at MCI.  I
>suggest you label this information as rumor and change it
>as you see fit.  :)
Can you reveal your source?  I have received no complaints from MCI or
others at the NAP.

>There is a FDDI Ring at the NAP which was overcrowded.
>It apparently took some legal action to get Sprint
>(or whoever is responsible for the Sprint NAP :) ) 
>to make the necessary upgrades.  What I've heard is that
>4 GigaSwitches are being installed from MFS and that
>this installation/upgrade ETR is 1-2 months.  
You obviously have no knowledge of Sprint's NAP topology!  All providers
are directly connected to GIGAswitch ports.  Only providers with one (1)
DS3 to their router share one GIGAswitch LAN.  Hardly enough traffic to
saturate a 100 Mbps (dedicated) LAN!

>What I can tell you for sure is that we are seeing between
>10-25% packet loss on a daily basis across that NAP.  We
>have seen these numbers on both our MCI and UUNet connection.
>(for the record, the UUNet packet loss is generally lower, 
>of course I get randomnly disconnected from various sites
>when using UUNet... its all compromise these days...)
This packet loss may be caused on the ingress/egress WAN links and not
attributed to the NAP.

>So, where is Bob Metcalfe when you need him???  :)
>Sorry for the me too post...  I feel like an AOLer...
>Sean Rolinson
>snowdog at bigfoot.com
>snowdog at charm.net


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