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Snowdog snowdog at charm.net
Wed Oct 22 01:03:21 UTC 1997

Hey all,

If I could add a NAP to this list, the Sprint NAP is having
horrific packet loss and I understand that legal action 
was necessary to get the invovled parties to resolve the

Here's the information I received from a source at MCI.  I
suggest you label this information as rumor and change it
as you see fit.  :)

There is a FDDI Ring at the NAP which was overcrowded.
It apparently took some legal action to get Sprint
(or whoever is responsible for the Sprint NAP :) ) 
to make the necessary upgrades.  What I've heard is that
4 GigaSwitches are being installed from MFS and that
this installation/upgrade ETR is 1-2 months.  

What I can tell you for sure is that we are seeing between
10-25% packet loss on a daily basis across that NAP.  We
have seen these numbers on both our MCI and UUNet connection.
(for the record, the UUNet packet loss is generally lower, 
of course I get randomnly disconnected from various sites
when using UUNet... its all compromise these days...)

So, where is Bob Metcalfe when you need him???  :)

Sorry for the me too post...  I feel like an AOLer...

Sean Rolinson
snowdog at bigfoot.com
snowdog at charm.net

> Hi there,
> 	Is it possible, even at this late date, to allow someone from MFS to
> comment at NANOG on what is being done to relieve inter switch congestion
> at MAE East and West and what kind of time frames we can expect a
> resolution in?
> This is seriously affecting the performance of the Internet as a whole, and
> seems to me to be a very valid operational topic for the conference.
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