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Richard Irving rirving at onecall.net
Tue Oct 21 22:17:12 UTC 1997

Dorian R. Kim wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Richard Irving wrote:
> >   With about 1/3 of all global internet passing through that parking
> > garage out there, 20% loss starts to take on a whole new meaning...
> Just curious, but how was that figure arrived at?

   Fair enough, I am quoting the newspapers. They recently ran an
article about MAE-E, and made the claim 
that nearly 1/3 of all internet passes through MAE-E. I did not question
this revelation...
Perhaps I should have. 

   After all, it made it into print, it *can't* be wrong! ;)

   Unless you mean the 20%, in which case it is pure conjecture. When
*I* see MAE-E go lossy, it is typically around 20%. I have no idea why
"The Loss" favors this number. Or, even if other carriers hover about
20% when MAE-E goes lossy.... Food for thought though........


> -dorian

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