Web Biz Universal Remove List Update

Steve Mansfield steve at nwnet.net
Tue Oct 21 16:31:19 UTC 1997

> On Sun, 19 Oct 1997, Craig A. Huegen wrote:
> When IEMMC came out, I did a real test.  I created a new account never
> used for anything.  I jumped through their hoops Jun 18, 1997, and got
> confirmation I was on their remove list.  That account still has not been
> spammed.  It has gotten one message that could be interpreted as hate
> mail, but that's all:

I did likewise, and got the exact opposite result.  I've reports going in
both directions indicating no spam or suddenly receiving lots of spam to
junk accounts created just for the sole purpose of testing the
global-remove.  I would say that overall the thing is a joke.

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