Web Biz Universal Remove List Update

Jon Lewis jlewis at inorganic5.fdt.net
Tue Oct 21 16:48:27 UTC 1997

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Steve Mansfield wrote:

> I did likewise, and got the exact opposite result.  I've reports going in
> both directions indicating no spam or suddenly receiving lots of spam to
> junk accounts created just for the sole purpose of testing the
> global-remove.  I would say that overall the thing is a joke.

Someone with a supposed copy of the iemmc remove list grep'd for a regex I
gave him and determined that my dummy account is not on the list.  So much
for responsible bulk email.  As I told him, I can only guess that at first
the iemmc remove list was just dumping addresses to /dev/null...and then
someone involved with iemmc must have thought "gee, we have this list
potentially being built that has nothing but valid and currently used
email addresses...this beats skimming addresses from usenet or the web."

The answer to Randy's next question is "Vixie's blackhole BGP feed".
Gotta get me one of those :)

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