Web Biz Universal Remove List Update

Richard Welty welty at wednesday.inet-solutions.net
Mon Oct 20 16:48:02 UTC 1997

> Would there be legal issues if the peers at the NAP/MAE etc. simply
> discarded traffic from the known spammer netblocks such as thehitman.com
> based on an acceptable use policy that prohibits sites which support
> spammer business?

it's probably important to avoid the appearance of a conspiracy.

i will be blocking selected IP ranges for systems i handle, and i 
will be selecting them myself -- although the company i work for may 
sign up for the blackhole list (something that i thought was a done 
deal but which is still being discussed.) the judge handling the 
Compu$erve vs Cyberpromotions case inidicated that Compu$erve's 
network was C$'s private property, and therefore Spamford is not 
supposed to continue to send email into it after being told to cease 
and desist.

so block those netblocks, but you probably want to pick which ones 
you block on your own.

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