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J.D. Falk jdfalk at priori.net
Mon Oct 20 17:21:07 UTC 1997

On Oct 20, Jon Lewis <jlewis at inorganic5.fdt.net> wrote: 

> When IEMMC came out, I did a real test.  I created a new account never
> used for anything.  I jumped through their hoops Jun 18, 1997, and got
> confirmation I was on their remove list.  That account still has not been
> spammed.

	There's a lot of jlewis#### accounts @AOL on the remove list,
	was it by any chance one of those?

	And, on a related note, didn't an AGIS press release say that 
	the IEMMC's list was going to be used as a filter, and not 
	just distributed directly to the IEMMC members?

	(Yes, I have the list, as of 8/18.  A friend of mine found it
	on a spammer's web site.  No, I won't distribute it, though I
	will grep it for your address if you want.)

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