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Jon Lewis jlewis at inorganic5.fdt.net
Mon Oct 20 06:17:45 UTC 1997

On Sun, 19 Oct 1997, Craig A. Huegen wrote:

> The "IEMMC" crap that Sanford Wallace promoted was also an engine to
> generate addresses for spam use.  I know of a few people (including
> myself) who tested this theory by using a very old account from which we

That's not a valid test.  Lists of addresses, many of them very old, get
used for spam all the time.  I used to get spam via a school mainframe
account I'd not used for several years.  That account had never done
usenet and was on very few if any mailing lists.

When IEMMC came out, I did a real test.  I created a new account never
used for anything.  I jumped through their hoops Jun 18, 1997, and got
confirmation I was on their remove list.  That account still has not been
spammed.  It has gotten one message that could be interpreted as hate
mail, but that's all:
>From mhobach at CYBERLYNK.NET  Sat Aug  9 23:53:19 1997
Return-Path: <mhobach at CYBERLYNK.NET>
Received: from powerpromo.com (ren.southwindnet.com []) by
irc.aohell.org  with SMTP id XAA19588 for <#####@aohell.org>; Sat, 9 Aug
1997 23:53:10 -0400
From: mhobach at CYBERLYNK.NET
Message-Id: <199708100353.XAA19588 at irc.aohell.org>
Received: from [] by powerpromo.com
  (SMTPD32-4.0) id AB9BDB40106; Sat, 09 Aug 1997 22:55:07 -0500
Subject: go away
Date: Sat,  9 Aug 97 22:56:06 CST6CDT
Status: O

and die
The username is obviously not #####...I just didn't want it to be known.
Maybe I added the account to the remove list too early, maybe they had it
going to /dev/null...who knows?

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