Web Biz Universal Remove List Update

J.D. Falk jdfalk at priori.net
Sun Oct 19 23:03:32 UTC 1997

On Oct 19, postmaster at thehitman.com wrote: 

> Dear NANOG Mailling List,
> Thank you for adding your address to the Universal Remove  list
> This email is simply a notification that you have been added to or updated 
> in our Universal Remove  list(s). As a reminder, you submitted the following 
> details to: www.thehitman.com
> NANOG Mailling List at nanog at merit.edu
> Responsible Direct Email DOES exist at Web Biz!

	I hope everybody realizes that this is very likely to 
	INCREASE the amount of spam that gets sent to the nanog 
	list -- even if we get less from this specific company.
	I think it's time we closed it off and bounced messages 
	from non-subscribers.

	It would also be a good idea to put more pressure on the
	backbone which ignores complaints about thehitman.com (you
	know who I'm talking about.)  I, too, would very much
	prefer to have a hands-off, "we're just a backbone, it's 
	not our problem" attitude -- sure would mean less work for
	me -- but that is just simply not possible any more.

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