Web Biz Universal Remove List Update

Greg A. Woods woods at most.weird.com
Sun Oct 19 22:45:38 UTC 1997

[ On Sun, October 19, 1997 at 18:17:42 (GMT), postmaster at thehitman.com wrote: ]
> Subject: Web Biz Universal Remove List Update
> Dear NANOG Mailling List,
> Thank you for adding your address to the Universal Remove  list
> This email is simply a notification that you have been added to or updated in our Universal Remove  list(s). As a reminder, you submitted the following details to: www.thehitman.com
> NANOG Mailling List at nanog at merit.edu

I wonder if this was a result of me forwarding a complaint to them, or
all of us doing the same, or did someone actually take the time to go
find out what contortions they would like the minions to twist through
to get off of their lists by putting themselves on yet another list?

> Responsible Direct Email DOES exist at Web Biz!

What a joke, or rather a sad commentary on the state of the marketing
industry.  [I.e. a responsible direct e-mail "provider" wouldn't have
allowed any mailing lists, and esp. not technical or other special
interest mailing lists onto their master list in the first place.]

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