Fall 97 NANOG update...

Eric Sobocinski sobo at merit.edu
Tue Oct 14 16:44:05 UTC 1997

The micro-brew bar does have my attention, but the hotel already
claims to be fully booked regardless of rate.  What are the best
alternatives?  Any others to be recommended within a long walk
(or stumble), or are we stuck driving?

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997 at 14:29 MST, Rodney Joffe <rjoffe at genuity.net> wrote:
> At Bill Norton's suggestion, here's a quick summary of facilities for
> the Phoenix NANOG:
> Besides the normal terminal room, we're also deploying 10 BT ethernet
> hubs (300+ ports) and power receptacles accessable from all seats in the
> main room. So, bring your laptops (and help us out by bringing ethernet
> cables if you can). We'll be using DHCP, but will have a few fixed IP
> addresses available if you must. There will be tables around the entire
> room for those of you who want to use them (obviously first come
> etc...). Steve Stuart from DEC has also offered (thanks Steve) to bring
> his Roam-about wireless stuff, so you can make use of that if he has
> cards available, or bring your own card and use the network. We're not
> sure if the roam-about will reach all of the hotel rooms (it is spread
> out like a resort) so we can't promise. 
> Talking about the hotel, here is some non-technical info:
> Some of the reasons we picked the hotel:
> It has a well known micro-brew bar.
> Cigar room.
> Fancy coffees.
> 24 hour room service.
> Weather at this time is great - high season. The hotel has a really nice
> swimming pool. Temperatures will be 80s during the day, 50s at night. If
> you're coming out earlier, Phoenix has great local hiking and climbing,
> golf, etc.
> See y'all on the 27th. 
> Rodney Joffe
> Chief Technology Officer
> Genuity Inc., a Bechtel company
> http://www.genuity.net

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