Have you been bought by a telco yet?

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Tue Oct 14 03:46:26 UTC 1997

> What's up with this statistic?
>  "The merger of ICG and Netcom offers a strategic
>  fit across-the-board in technology, target markets
>  and geography ," said J. Shelby Bryan, president
>  and CEO of ICG, in a statement. "The new
>  company will enjoy a particularly strong competitive
>  advantage in California, where approximately 30
>  percent of the world's Internet traffic either
>  originates or terminates."

I'd believe 30 percent of the US's Internet traffic either originates,
terminates, or is exchanged between providers in CA, and another 20-30% 
in the NYC<->DC corridor, heavily weighted towards DC, of course.

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