[NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

Todd Graham Lewis tlewis at mindspring.net
Sat Oct 11 21:59:30 UTC 1997

The way our NOC does it is:

	- alternating between 3 and 4 days per week
	- 12 hours per day
	- two people per shift

This makes for an average of 42 hours per week and a four shifts of
two people, or a staff of eight.  Keeping a ringer in the rotation is
probably not a bad idea either, and of course fnord! a manager is needed,
bringing the total to ten.  This is not my department, so I'm not the
expert I pretend to be.

 "I always drive properly.   A bit fast, perhaps, but always with consummate
skill and a natural feel for the road that even cops recognize.   No cop was
ever born who isn't a sucker for a finely-executed hi-speed Controlled Drift
all the way around one of those cloverleaf freeway interchanges."     -- HST

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