Problems with UUnet and Sprint peering

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Fri Oct 10 02:57:04 UTC 1997

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Anthony Pardini wrote:

> Is anyone else having problems sending taffic between UUnet and Sprint ?
> This has been occuring for a least a week and so far I've just gotten the
> Its Sprint / Its UUnet run around.  

With offices connected to Sprint and UUNet, I noticed this a while ago and
complained.  I was sent (by uunet) to where it says:
October 3, 1997
To: UUNET Customers

UUNET is currently experiencing congestion at our peering connection
with Sprint in San Francisco, CA. Our engineers are currently working with
Sprint to relieve this congestion for the short term. For the longer
term solution, we are implementing additional peering with Sprint
starting within the next 30 days.

Thank you for your patience during this period.
It says nothing about what caused this to be such a problem all of a
sudden.  A few days ago, it would go back to normal at night, and then
suck all afternoon.  Now, it's 11pm and it's lagging as bad as ever.

Try doing system administration over a ssh session with 1-2s ping response
times.  It's tempting to just dial up a v.34 link.

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