UUNet Routing SNAFU

Jay Borkenhagen jayb at att.com
Thu Oct 9 16:40:21 UTC 1997

>> >> AT&T has been allocating customers from 12/8.
>> >
>> >And how many routes has it been split up into?
>> According to nitrous, they are not announcing anything more specific than
>> 12/8.

ken> There are about 80 networks out of the 12/8 netblock allocated 
ken> and advertised.  Most of these are /19's, some are larger and 
ken> a few are smaller (a couple of /20's).  [...]

Those leaked more-specifics are only seen by customers, due to some
old vendor policy constraints.  We'll fix that pronto.

ken> As someone from AT&T said earlier in this thread "they are being
ken> allocated to customers as if it were a nonportable block and the
ken> only way you will see the more specific routes is if the
ken> customers multihome" (or something to that effect).  I haven't
ken> seen any of these subnetworks of 12/8 advertised by anyone other
ken> than AT&T.

One /24 from 12/8 is currently visible thru certain Internet vantage

        GoodNet (5696) N= 5696 7369  IGP
        Grid (6113) N= 6113 5696 7369  IGP

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