UUNet Routing SNAFU

Mike Norris mnorris at HEA.IE
Thu Oct 9 15:17:24 UTC 1997

>Not quite, part or all 62/8 is being assigned by RIPE NCC in Europe, and
>they don't give out smaller netblocks than /19's. We have 62.216/19
>for example. The not smaller than /19 is common policy of RIPE btw.

RIPE are indeed assigning from all of and, as per
the policy and procedures document ripe-155, are doing so as
Miquel says i.e. in blocks of /19 or more.  On Monday, the RIPE
NCC reported 50 allocations so far, with almost 75% of these
appearing in the routing tables.  It would be nice if we all
got really classless and made this 100%.

Mike Norris

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