UUNet Routing SNAFU

Danny McPherson danny at genuity.net
Thu Oct 9 01:37:22 UTC 1997

> And since I helped *create* the CA*net database *and* the CA*net route
> filters based on the various DBs, yes, I meant RADB.

How many providers actually apply prefix-based filtering (based on IRR 
objects) to other providers?

I like the idea of prefix-based filtering applied to customers (by everyone 
that claims to be tier 1 & 2 (&3), at the very least), as well as the idea of 
configuring static filters for /19s and such, but if I were to build 46K++ 
lines of ACLs to filter prefixes from all eBGP peers for all registered 
prefixes (from several different registries) .. my routers wouldn't be 


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