UUNet Routing SNAFU

Dorian R. Kim dorian at blackrose.org
Wed Oct 8 17:54:41 UTC 1997

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Michael Dillon wrote:

> >At this time I am receiving a ton of bogus routes originating from AS701.
> >This
> >AS has hijacked all the /24 subnets of 128.1 through 128.1xx.  Since the more
> >specific route prevails in the cidr world they have managed to wipe out my
> >network not to mention a hundred other 128.x networks.
> Isn't this the kind of problems that the Doran filters are supposed to prevent?
> I understand that it is not to everyone's benefit to filter on the /19
> boundary like Sprint does but it seems to be prudent to adopt a /8 filter
> on most of the old class A space and a /16 filter on the old class B space.
> Other than the need to update these filters as the former class A space is
> subdivided I can see no major downside.

And networks that 1) do prefix filtering of peers, or 2) have the satanic
phylters in place didn't even notice yesterday's snafu.


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