Denial of service attacks apparently from UUNET Netblocks

Dalvenjah FoxFire dalvenjah at
Wed Oct 8 01:20:01 UTC 1997

David Lesher put this into my mailbox:
> > > I would not be surprised if the caller's phone number were logged, most
> > > modern modem banks talk ANIS and DNIS, which if I'm remembering correctly
> > > is basically caller ID.  
> > > doesn't seem to be an extra charge to get the data from the telco.
> > 
> > ANI.  Actually, it's commonly CNID, which is slightly more useful.
> Just want to make sure all parties here do not think ANI == CNID.
> They are different critters. You get CNID usually. Real time
> ANI is available on 800 trunks, but at a cost.

I realize this is probably something one learns in Telco 101, which I
haven't taken, but if CNID == Caller ID, wouldn't ANI be *more* useful?

Or does CNID report the number regardless of Caller-ID blocking on PRI

(I'm assuming that CNID == standard Caller-ID as it appears on POTS, and
that ANI == the special service that 800-lines get that *always* reports
the number, regardless of blocking..if I'm wrong, I'll accept the LART.)


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