Denial of service attacks apparently from UUNET Netblocks

Kevin Smith kevin at
Tue Oct 7 21:48:10 UTC 1997

At 03:49 PM 10/7/97 -0500, Eric Wieling wrote:
>Here is what I get in MY syslog:
>{Date Time host} ASCEND: slot 0 port 0, line 1, channel 2, Incoming Call,
MBID 106
>{Date Time host} ASCEND: slot 4 port 1, Assigned to port, MBID 106
>{Date Time host} ASCEND: slot 4 port 1, line 1, channel 2, Call Connected,
MBID 106
>{Date Time host} ASCEND: call 106 AN slot 4 port 1 64K {7-DIGIT-DNIS}
>{Date Time host} ASCEND: slot 4 port 1, LAN session up, {USERNAME}
>I am in BellSouth territory.  Another poster to this list reported
>that BellSouth cannot turn off ANI/CallerID.  I'll open a ticket with
>Ascend and post my findings.

MBID is reported when the MAX/TNT does NOT receive the caller-number, so I
question if BellSouth can disable Caller-ID....also you could do a PRI
trace on the MAX of the incoming call to verify the contents - i.e. see if the
caller-ID info element is included.

[debug - "pridisp 256" should do it, "pridisp off" to turn off tracing].


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