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Re: Your crystal and oscillator requirements :  Your crystal and oscillator solution 

  Please allow me to inform you of our companies value and services .
 Brookdale Electronics is a specialized distributor of frequency control 
devices . As you may already know crystals and oscillators are a 
specialized commodity not well serviced by the large electronic 
component distributors . The very nature of frequency control devices
 ( 100's of thousands frequencies and specs. ) combined with the need 
for a knowlegable sales force make it difficult for the " supermarket "
 elect. distributors to thoroughly service this market. And these problems
 are being compounded with the latest technical advances ( VCXO's , 
TCXO's , VCTXO's , VCO's to name a few ) . Thats why you need a
 frequency controls expert !  Brookdale Electronics has been servicing 
the electronics industries frequency control needs for over a decade . 
We are the experts !!! We guide our customers around the common
 pitfalls associated with frequency control devices. Long lead times ,
 R&D sourcing , custom frequencies and specifications are just few 
of the snags  we can help you avoid . Just a few of our value added 
services are expedited delivery ( on many items ) , research and 
development sourcing , same day shipping ( on stock items ) , large
 inventory and 24 hour a day access to said inventory via the worldwide
 web .
  Our website (  ) has been applauded
 throughout the electronics industry as the future of electronics distribution .
 From our new website you can search our inventory
 ( ) using criteria such as frequency 
, package , stability , type , output and mode . You can also download 
specification sheets , request catalogues or quotes and download a copy 
of our inventory . We are using all of the latest technology to give our
 customers the service they deserve . 
  Brookdale Electronics is committed to combining the latest technology , 
over a decade of experience and old fashioned friendly service to meet 
our customers frequency control needs .So if you think you can benefit
 from a frequency control expert call , fax or email us . Someone 
in our staff will be happy to serve you .

Best Regards
Robert Kaliebe
Brookdale Electronics
516-595-1845 fax
info at

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