INTERNIC charging for address space?

Michael Dillon michael at
Mon Oct 6 18:03:15 UTC 1997

>Has anyone heard if the INTERNIC was going to charge for address space.
>If so, how much and when would it be starting?

Yes, I've heard, and the answers are:

The Internic will not be charging for address space.

The Internic will no longer be dealing with IP address space at all in the
very near future as ARIN takes over those duties.

ARIN will not be charging for IP address space.

ARIN will be charging various membership fees and fees for service. Read
the details at  If you still don't understand that ARIN
is not selling IP addresses then read the *ENTIRE* archives of the NAIPR
mailing list also at the above website.

If you are in Phoenix later this month then you will get a progress report
on ARIN amongst other edifying educational activities.

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