Results of North American NOC contact information verification

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Fri Oct 3 22:38:22 UTC 1997

Well, we're slowly creeping upwards.  Through e-mail I've resolved
some more obsolete information, and now verified 36 telephone contacts
through today before I heard about the fiber cut north of Chicago and
stopped.   I have about five more NOC's which sent me updated information
overnight which I still need to verify.

Several, many, people asked how their ISP did, and a two suggested a
"hall of shame."  I'm not ready to make a hall of shame, because its
likely I can't contact some ISPs is because of my own faulty information.
However, I have made a "Hall of Success." 


You should not draw any inferences because a NOC is not listed.  Being
listed means someone answered one of the telephone numbers and verified
the information or returned a voicemail message before the end of the
day and verified the information.
Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
  Affiliation given for identification not representation

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