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Debra Kelly dkelly at counsel.com
Fri Oct 3 17:47:01 UTC 1997

I worked in the Secretary's Situation Room/Operations Center (open 24 x
7) at the US Department of State from 1983-1984.  Teams rotated first
two days 8am - 4pm (briefed by outgoing team 7:15am - 8am), next two
days 4pm - midnight (brief 3:15pm - 4pm), and final two days midnight -
8am (brief 11:15pm - midnight), and had off the next 56 hours until
their rotation started anew.

The State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research Operations
Center had to have an alternate schedule for security reasons, i.e. to
avoid unauthorized collaboration between the Secretary's Ops staff and
INR's Ops staff.  They worked two-week shifts of the same hours noted
above, i.e., first two weeks 8am - 4pm, next two weeks 4pm - midnight,
and final two weeks midnight - 8am.  I can't recall how much time the
INR teams had off after their sixth week.

Both schedules were brutal on families/friends, sleeping patterns and
digestive systems, but great for commuting into and out of the
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