[NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

Jamie Rishaw jamie at arpa.com
Thu Oct 2 21:34:35 UTC 1997

  We're in the process of developing a 24x7 NOC, and can agree upon about
everything except scheduling. 

  We have a few ideas, all of which have really bad downsides:

- 4day, 10hour rotation. 2-hour overlap.
  - Downside is overlap, and the fact that nobody will have a regular
    schedule.. they'll be M-Th, then T-Fr, W-Sa, Th-Su, Fr-Mo.. bleh.

- M-F 9-hour shifts, Sa-Su 2x12-hour shifts
  - Downside is the Sa-Su people are just "extras".

- Su-We, We-Sa 10-hour shifts.
  Alleviates "skewing" schedules one day every week, but creates a 14.5%
  labor increase on Wednesday when you have a complete overlap.

Anyhow,, we're looking for information on how other NOCs around the world
do it.  We're trying to give good coverage without killing/burning out the
NOC team members.


Jamie Rishaw

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