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Kent W. England kwe at geo.net
Fri Oct 3 00:40:06 UTC 1997

At 03:56 PM 10/2/97 -0700, Steve Miller wrote:
>>  We're in the process of developing a 24x7 NOC, and can agree upon about
>>everything except scheduling. 
> Ahhh, a subject near and dear to all NOC managers. 

Steve, I'm glad you piped up and gave the benefit of your experience at BBN
and what you've learned since we worked together back then.
> To do 7x24 comfortably, you'll need 12 people and a supervisor.  
> We work 4/10hr days, Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed or Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat. People get three
>days off in a row, including one weekend day. We have our staff meetings/
>training on Wednesday afternoons. We overlap the split weeks with
>Senior/Supervisory staff who work M-F and tie the two ends of the week
>together. The only ones who are left out are the overnight crew. A night
>supervisor is responsible for communication/training with them. 

Do you run three 10 hour shifts per day or two? Seems like a lot of overlap
and makes me wonder whether the minimum 12 head count rule still holds.
Three shifts per day, two crews per week, two people per shift works out to
12 people, but that leaves you without a job or else down a backup
supervisor.  :-) Do you run some shifts with one person on site and others
with three? 

> This is based upon nine years of operations center experience. 
>(hello to those BBN NOC alumni...)
> Steve Miller
> WebTV Service Operations Center

You might as well do the whole nine yards. Is there a decent ISP network
management system or is it still OpenView and a lot of utilities?


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