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Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Fri Oct 3 03:48:31 UTC 1997

J.D. Falk boldly claimed:
> On Oct 2, "Kent W. England" <kwe at geo.net> wrote: 
> > You might as well do the whole nine yards. Is there a decent ISP network
> > management system or is it still OpenView and a lot of utilities?
> 	I've been playing with lots of 'em recently.  Of the free
> 	ones, only MRTG and Tkined are worth a damn -- even though
> 	lots of people swear by NOCOL, I've been swearing at it
> 	'cause the configuration is hard to visually parse and not
> 	consistent across the various monitoring programs.
> 	I'd have to say that I prefer HP Openview to Tkined, but for
> 	what I'm doing the difference is not so great that Openview
> 	would be worth the money.
> 	Also, Tnm (the Tcl add-on that is used by Tkined) has lots
> 	of useful hooks for SNMP, ping, etcetera, and can be used to
> 	write custom stuff pretty easily.  I'll be distributing some
> 	of what I write here once I'm happy with how it functions.

	You can get the program that I've written, you can teach it
network dependencies, and various other good things..
	I'm trying to get a few more features and bugfixes into it
before I make my next "official" release, but you can get it from


	It takes sighups, and lots of other neato things... with curses,
java, and even a python client to talk to the server.  It's unix based,
and should build out of the box on any system with gcc.

	I'm happy to accept bug reports and feature requests.

	- Jared

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