Private interconnects

Alan Hannan hannan at
Sat Nov 29 02:22:49 UTC 1997

  Gordon --

  Why don't you mail noc at and find out?

  Or better yet, do some creative traceroutes.  I think we covered
  traceroute -g this week :-)

  Anyone that does definitively know, is likely to be covered under 
  MNDA such that legally they couldn't tell you, anyway.


  PS. and who are the big 5?

Thus spake Gordon Cook (cook at
 on or about Fri, Nov 28, 1997 at 08:51:18PM -0500:
> Does anyone here happen to know if PSI is privately interconnected to any
> of the big five yet?  I understand that you have to be pushing in the 30
> to 45 megabits per second continuosly into the backbone that you want the
> private connect with.  I am also told on no uncertain terms that IBM
> Global net and Verio have each one or more private connects open.
> And somewhat more tentatively that Digex is privately interconnected.

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