Advisory - tunneling of IP at exchange points.

Dave Van Allen dave at
Wed Nov 26 19:32:40 UTC 1997

Hi, Craig,  that's all been done, cisco verified the troubles and
anomalies here on-site, all info has been transmitted to them now for
months. The BUGid description is worded incorrectly as I said, so you
can't really glean meaningful info from just the description.  I opened
that ticket and it has been very frustrating indeed. You're right, it's
a valuable tool however it is verifiably broken in certain instances. I
was just cautioning anyone who needed to count on it.

Happy holidays!

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> Sent:	Wednesday, November 26, 1997 10:35 AM
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> On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Dave Van Allen wrote:
> ==>We find log-input to very unreliable and often producing wrong
> ==>information. It indeed operates differently across the 11.1 train
> (no
> ==>comment on 11.2 offered) I think 11.1.15 breaks it badly. Albeit
> ==>improperly worded and not well defined in print on CCO, please
> reference
> ==>cisco BUGid CSCdj40503 prior to trusting log-input for any valid
> info. 
> CSCdj40503 simply fixes a problem where packets are not logged under
> certain conditions.  It doesn't change any information.
> I've never seen a problem with log-input reporting bad information; if
> you
> have and can reproduce, please document and contact your normal
> support
> channels to fix this valuable tool.
> /cah

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