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> It is exactly this type of confrontational, paranoia-inducing
> approach to the problem that has caused most of the problems
> with working towards real netwide consensus.  It's not suprising
> you can't see it, but it's blindingly clear to me...  I put
> work into some back channel discussions that you bozos
> managed to kill dead.  You are not productive of solutions,
> you are counterproductive, actively damaging to progress.
> The "protest" created an environment where compromise became
> harder and in fact did not happen.  We all lost.
> The only winners were a few people's egos, and one
> of those people is now going to go to jail for it.
> Trading ego boosts for real progress on the issues
> is not my idea of problem solving, and until you stop
> making that mistake you are a roadblock.
> -george william herbert

 Except for the fact that we requested IETF
 host a peace meeting for CORE, Internic,
 Alternic, the US Government and all other
 interested parties George's analysis would
 be correct. Except for the fact that we've
 been trying to weld some sort of consensus
 via many articles, private e-mail among all
 of these parties Mr. Herbert would be
 absolutely bang on. But he's off target.
 Instead of criticizing Postel, Crocker,
 Vixie, Metzger and all these incompetants
 driving this mess Mr. Hebert is attacking
 those few people actually willing to put
 their necks on the line to force change.

 I still believe peace is possible and that
 IETF is the perfect place for discussions
 to begin. If this does not happen, if the
 mono-maniacs behind CORE are not replaced,
 if the monopolies are not broken there will
 be an escalation  of protest actions and
 interventions. It will be the only alternative
 left to those who want justice, value liberty
 and cherish freedom. It's that important.

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