Eugene Kashpureff's Defense Fund

Geoff White geoffw at
Wed Nov 26 04:24:23 UTC 1997

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Bob Allisat wrote:
>  Eugene talked the talk *AND* walked the
>  walk. None of you other people have. So
>  pay up. Or shut up. Freedom is freedom.
>  And it has often has a high price. Pay
>  it or lose it. There will be many more
>  who may choose to follow Eugene in the
>  months and years to come. You who have
>  been dragging your heels and delaying

Eugene is not a freedom fighter or a patriot or
anything like that.He is a fool,  and a stupid fool at that.
The only thing that he accomplished by his act was a bit of ego 
stroking and a lot of grief for the rest of the community.

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