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Bob Allisat tor at
Tue Nov 25 22:43:36 UTC 1997

John A. Tamplin wrote:
>There were customers that asked us to point our DNS servers to Alternic,
>but I refused because I didn't want to hand over control to the namespace
>to one guy that I didn't know, had no authority to run it, and appeared to
>be in it for a profit.
>The InterNIC stunt he pulled entirely justified my refusal.  Personally,
>I think that was the last thing he should have done if he hoped for any
>support, since it gave people who were wanting to show that he couldn't
>be trusted ammunition they couldn't get any other way.
>I can understand that he was frustrated because he wasn't getting his way,
>but the method he chose to express that frustration violated the trust of
>those who (foolishly) pointed their DNS servers at his root.
>I see your posts on the GTLD list as well, and frankly I don't want
>non-profit and mom & pop companies running DNS servers that I and my
>customers depend on.  I want someone who can be trusted to not violate
>my trust because they have financial committments to meet to stockholders
>etc, and can't afford to make such mistakes.

 First off Kashpureff and those
 who backed his original version
 of Alternic made many mistakes.
 I witnessed these errors and I
 opposed the inconsistancies.

 Second no-one owns the namespace.
 Not Alternic, not IANA, not CORE
 not Internic not anyone. Everyone
 must have equal access to the many
 resources of the Internet and all
 these Domain Names are just one.
 So, anyone who can meet the appropriate
 technical standards must have their
 place at the table. Mr. Tamplin's
 insistance that only corporations
 are trustworthy is patently absurd.
 Morality and immorality are no
 more the preserve of conglomerates
 than it is of individuals.

 Finally, while attempting to spark
 a peace and reconciliation process
 among the conflicting parties it
 is necessary to envisage the worse
 possible result of current internet
 developments. And that would be the
 transfer of the existing Internic
 monopoly to this new CORE monopoly.
 And the resulting concentration of
 Internet regulatory powers entirely
 beyond the control of the general
 public. And then we must consider
 appropriate activities. And then
 we must act instead of talking.

 Kashpureff pointed the way if
 failure of peace negotiations is
 in our future. We will simply have
 no alternative.

 TeleVirtually Yours,

 Bob Allisat

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