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Declan McCullagh declan at
Tue Nov 25 16:08:12 UTC 1997

Bob Allisat is, I'm sorry to say, a well-known Net-kook. I remember him
infesting a bunch of Usenet newsgroups. Now that he appears to be on nanog,
the best strategy might be to ignore him.


At 07:19 -0800 11/25/97, Tom Glover wrote:
>Oh, Christ. Not again. This never ending argument about BIND doesn't have
>any place on NANOG. Please take it somewhere else.
>On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Bob Allisat wrote:
>>  Hmmm... A question we may be
>>  asking about you, your BIND
>>  monopoly and the way you've
>>  been a co-conspirator in all
>>  these monopoly moves. Seems
>>  like Paulie doesn't want anyone
>>  in his sandbox. Can Paulie spell
>>  "anti-trust"?

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