why not peer with LS disabling networks ?

Neil J. McRae neil at domino.org
Tue Nov 25 15:59:10 UTC 1997

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:57:55 -0800 (PST) 
 Network Operations Center <noc at nwrain.net> wrote:

> > traceroute -g can be a surprisingly useful tool.
> 	And what traceroute are you using ??????
> 	None of the BSD versions have it .  JimL

/usr/home/neil:neil at NetBSD>traceroute -g
Version 1.4a5
Usage: traceroute [-dDFIlnrvx] [-g gateway] [-i iface] [-f first_ttl] [-m max_ttl]
        [ -p port] [-q nqueries] [-s src_addr] [-t tos] [-w waittime]
        host [packetlen]

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