why not peer with LS disabling networks ?

Network Operations Center noc at nwrain.net
Tue Nov 25 04:57:55 UTC 1997

	Hello Paul,

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Paul Ferguson wrote:
> At 04:38 PM 11/23/97 +0000, Lyndon Levesley wrote:
> > I'm curious - is this a firm "NO" thing, or do you peer with people
> >that offer alternatives ? We disable LSR a/x our whole net but still
> >provide a traceroute server and (RSN) a looking glass. What other
> >reasons do you want LSR enabled for ?
> >
> traceroute -g can be a surprisingly useful tool.

	And what traceroute are you using ??????

	None of the BSD versions have it .  JimL

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