Land and Cisco question

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Nov 22 19:54:00 UTC 1997

> I was *extremely* unclear in what I sent since I was running out the door.
> Most cisco routers run by ISPs (here on NANOG) have at least 50 interfaces
> (subinterfaces) and usually average 100.  Each and every
> interface/subinterface has to be blocked.  So it is either create an
> extended access list with all 100 individual interface addresses blocked
> (and update it as new customers get connected) or block by subnet, i.e if
> all interfaces come from a (/30) subnetted block, then block
> the whole /24.  But then the problem I discussed below creeps up.  Any
> recommendations on how to block this by subnet (assuming the router side
> always has the same bit position in the subnet)?

you still do not get it.  NO PER-CUSTOMER CHANGE!

for each interface on a router
  block tcp which is both to and from that interface

the problem, of course, is the performance hot for packet filters on OC3s


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